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Fandom: Criminal Minds
Subject: gen / Reid & Tobias
Title: Revelations
About: this is a Dr Spencer Reid and Tobias Hankel centric fanmix for the episode 2x15 Revelations where Reid was kidnapped, tortured and forced on drugs by Hankel and his split personalities. There's some Hotch/Reid thrown in for good measure because it's the "I knew you'd understand" episode with that hug.
Notes: I kinda threw this together because I thought I only had one day left and then the round @ waywardmixes was extended. I'm not as happy as I could be with it, it was harder for me to find songs than I thought. References to drugs, torture and death.

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Fandom: The Gemma Doyle Trilogy
Subject: Gemma Doyle
Title: I'm a Resonant Body
About: this is a character study of Gemma Doyle, a girl with magical powers that can enter a world between life and death, and how she changes in a progress of a year from a lonely girl who blames herself for her mother's suicide and her father's subsequent laudanum and opium addiction to a strong woman who lived through lost love and heartache, who finds friendship in unlikely places, who binds the power of an entire world to herself and uses it in a positive and negative way, who fights evil beyong her magination with allies she'd never thought she had.
Notes: I had this super long post typed up which explained every single song choice and all the books, but livejournal decided to delete/not auto-save it, so...yeah, couldn't be bothered to type it all up again. Sorry. Layout isn't as snazzy as it was in the previous post either :/ I used a picture of Karen Gillan as Gemma.

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Ugh, finally finished with this monster (now I can make the fanmix for the new waywardmixes challenges). It even has a happy end, just for siriusblack84 (because she complained).

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